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Well hmmm [Wednesday Jan. 17, 2007 - 8:25AM]

It seems that I have been neglecting my duties...which is sad.

I am here to inform you that the movies previously talked about "Dan in Real Life" is in post-preduction. The filming of the movie was wrapped up near the end of December. (According to IMDB) Hopefully when it actually comes out it will be shown in America...most likely not though...so lets hope we get some people on this community who can tell us about it (those accross seas).

Lets all hope that "Barry Munday" makes it over here as well. It's current status is unknown by IMDB but to me it seems like a fun movie. Our woman will be playing the poor lad's mother. For any further information check previous posts or IMDB.

Excitingly there is news of the tv series "In Treatment" about a psychologist who needs his own therapist. Wiest makes an appearance as the man's mentor, who he takes to a session of therapy. Check out the news at http://www.tv.com/tracking/viewer.html?tid=98142&ref_id=7896&ref_type=104 .

[Tuesday Nov. 07, 2006 - 11:21PM]

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My little girl [Tuesday Nov. 07, 2006 - 10:37PM]

ok...so what are we going to do with this now that it is made?!
To hear everything that needs to be heard turn this up just a hair louder than you would ~_*
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up and comming [Monday Nov. 06, 2006 - 11:46AM]

Ok was browsing ImDb and found that Dianne, will be appearing in a few movies. "Dan In Real Life" she plays Nana, this movie is not out till 2007 and they are currently filming. The story is about this widower falling in love with a woman that he later finds out is his brother's girlfriend. How Dianne fits into this movie I have yet to learn.
The next movie (not yet filmed..in pre-production) is "Barry Monday" about a man who wakes up one day to find his potatoes missing (if you know what I mean) and is being faced with a paternity lawsuit from a woman he cant remember getting between the sheets with. "OH NOS!" lol Dianne is to play the poor oaf's mommy. ^_^
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Dianne Pics and Favorite Flicks! [Tuesday Oct. 31, 2006 - 12:27AM]

[ mood | calm ]

OMG, that totally rhymed and I didn't even mean for it to. lol! And because I feel so comfortable here, I'm already starting my own topic! I love this!

I wanted to tell you guys my fav Dianne movies. Edward Scissorhands is really what got me hooked on her or was it Little Man Tate!!???!! Little Man Tate is one of my favorite movies ever and she is pure genius! I also love Bullets Over Broadway and another favorite, The Birdcage! OMG, amazing movie. Plus it has Christine Baranski too, so you can't beat that. What are your favorite Dianne movies!?!

And now for some pictures:

I love this one!

From "The Birdcage"

Look how young she is in this one!!

Soooo freaking fabulous!

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OMG Dianne's Daughter! [Thursday Oct. 19, 2006 - 12:05PM]

Ok, was trying to find out some news of our beloved Dianne Wiest and found *le gasp* Her daughter was arrested last year in April for beating up a male classmate and stealing his iPod. Dear goodness....like she does not have the money to buy herself one...unless mommy doesnt want her to have one. Seriously though, beating up some dude?.....;_;
~information was gathered at TV.com
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[Wednesday Oct. 18, 2006 - 7:53PM]

YES!!! now we have pertyful!!...now all we need is chat about her...cuz I seriously dont have a clue as to what is goin on in her life this day...

YAY! [Wednesday Oct. 18, 2006 - 3:42PM]

[ mood | excited ]

How exciting!! Now I get to make pretty icons, and a header to make the page all spiffy!! I like the pic in the userinfo! :)

Glad you made the comm. dear, and Debbie will be very happy too, I'm sure! :D

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